Helping communities make greener, healthier, happier places to live

wheeliebin-flowers-300-px At Squared Root, we help communities to build a more sustainable future. We have many years experience of finding the talents and skills within a community to make it a better, greener,healthier, happier place to live.

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We know that creating sustainable communities is about not just informing, but engaging and enthusing communities. We also know that sustainability is a great way to empower communities and create social capital – bringing people and their environments into harmony for better quality of life.

What we do

  • We advise and support organisations from the public, voluntary and private sectors to improve communities’ sustainability in a ground-up, ‘from the roots’ way.
  • We help design and deliver activities that are practical and change not just the environment but the whole community, helping people to feel they can make a real difference.
  • We nurture relationships between stakeholders – communities, organisations, and individuals – through a shared understanding and sense of commitment to improving their environment.


water-can-600pxWhy we do it

The world is facing some difficult challenges, particularly global climate change, an increasing population and food shortages.  Although this needs to be tackled at a macro political level, local action can be a catalyst for regional, national and international change.

Our focus is on health and the environment because we think these are key drivers in improving people’s quality of life. By helping them make effective use of natural resources, and enhancing the environment, we are promoting social inclusion and opening up new opportunities for economic prosperity in the process. Work with us to give communities a greener, healthier, happier place to live. Find out more about what drives us.



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